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stageGR relies on the generosity of the community to complete its whole mission to create opportunities for student growth through enriching performance experiences.   

Since its inception, stageGR has provided theater experience to over 2000 students from over 150 different schools.  What sets us apart is diversity and inclusion.  We aim to provide for every student who wishes to participate, especially regardless of socioeconomic status.  Producing musical theater is very expensive.  Most students' families are able to pay tuition to defray this, however many are not. Through your donation, stageGR will continue to be able to extend scholarships to those students in need.

When you provide financial support to stageGR, you become a part of the stage experience, where we build a community of actors, musicians, crew, audience members, and you! 

Phil & Anne Ackley

Camellia Adams

Dan & Martha Aderholdt

Ryan & Jill Anderson

Richard & Teresa Arpin

Robb Bajema

Elizabeth Bakeman

Mike & Patti Bartels

Deanna Belasco

Bob & Linda Berkhof

Tom & Katrina Bieniewicz

Mitch & Emily Blink

Caden Bolt

Charlotte Bolt

Kenneith & Beverly Bolt

David & Kimberly Bolt

Gina Bosetti

Patrick & Ingrid Brang

Jenny Brandt

Jeremy Britt

Matthew & Melanie Butts

David & Emily Caldon

Caroline Cahoon

John Carsley

Susan Cleland & Jane Gietzen

Sandie Cojocari

Stew Collins

Michael Cook

Don & Vickie Cooper

Sarah Czolgosz

Chris & Bethany DeBlaay

Mercedes DeJesus

Steven Depolo & Caroline Clark

Donald & Melissa Cunningham

Patricia DePriest

Mike & Bri Desotell

Kelly Dessaint

Mike & Sarah DeVries

Dr. David & Laura Dickens

Leah Doran

Matt & Ashleigh Draft

John & Anne Duimstra

Ruby Duimstra

Tom & Dr. Melissa Duimstra

Rob & Sarah Dwortz

Carole Dykstra

Ryan & Kelly Dykstra

Dr. Augusto Elias & Stacy Moran

Matt & Cameo Elzinga

Adam & Leandra Fisher

Larry & Jackie Fitzsimmons

Doug & Christen Fox

Amanda Geerts

Brian & Katie Gilbert

Brian & Pamela Gillespie

Judith Gingrad

Dr. Joel Goldberg & Patricia Green

Sarah Goldner

Ginny Grit-Googe

Lisa Greenwood

Eugene & Carol Griffith

Abraham & Catherine Groat

Arlene Gryga

Mailyn Hampton

Eric & Rachel Hill

Keith & Wendy Hillary

Brian & Stacy Holtsclaw

Eric Host

Brett & Rachel Howell

Brian & Rebekah Hughes

Jeff & Aimee Hunt

Sue Hunt

Al & Barb Huston

Todd & Raechelle Huston

Lucas Igo

Mark Jackson

Keri Johnson

Lesa Johnson

Melanie Johnston-Butts

Brenda Kading-Payne

John Kissane

Brett Kosters

Judy Kovsky

Joe and Rachel Landstra

Garrett Langton

Dr. Jim & Vicki Larson

Jeff & Jenny MacLachlan

Brian & Jennifer Masternak

Keith McAdams

Jacqueline Meek

Jessica Melson

Daniel & Ella Morgan

David & Alie Morgan

Jim & Laurie Morgan

YuSun Morren

Carl & Hollie Nippa

Michael & Kristina O’Meara

Michelene Pattee

Kym Pawelka

Josh Pemby

Phillip & Liz Pierce

Renee Peirce

Doug & Rita Petteys

Derek & Jamie Pitsch

Kevin & Kate Randall

Cristeen Reed

Jane Reeves

Rollin Reeves

Jessica Riley

Neal Riley

Jeremy Robinson & Jocelyn Flint

Stephanie Rodriguez

Edward & Maria Romero

Marcos & Heather Romero

Jim Rogers

Oscar & Elizabeth Rogue

Eric Ruano

Shawn & Cecilia Sandee

Chris & Jodi Schutz

Rick & Sheri Sessions

Tim & Jen Shaw

Pat Shaw

Ryan Shaw

Peter & Bonnie Sherman

Kim Slupe

Cherie Smith

Corey & Theresa Skipp

Adam & Stacy Smelker

Don & Mary St. Andre

Daniel Steffee

Dr. Robert & Melanie Strobel

Pam & Marlyn Stroven

Matthew & Whitney Swartz

John & Tiffany Szakal

Brent & Amanda Tabata

Marcia Talaski

Matthew & Allison Tanis

Bertrand & Gaelle Thibault

Jon Timmer

Mark Timney

Torrey Thomas

Elizabeth Topliffe

Aaron & Rachel Turner

John & Rachelle Uken

Scott & Lindsey VanEerden

Matt & Kim Veenstra

Dr. Don & Susan VerHulst

Mark & Yvonne Verlinde

Michael & Dawn Verploegh

Laura Warsaw

Jake & Colleen Westervelt

Lee & Anne Westervelt

Andy Wierda

Jeffery & Christina White

Matt & Ruth Wilson

Elisabeth Wood

Craig & Stephenie Young

Libby Young

Fausto & Erica Zambrano

stageGR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization;  IRS Employer Identification Number 47-4972531.

 All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your support.

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