stageGR is committed to providing students in every school district in the Greater Grand Rapids Area with performance experiences that will strengthen and unite the community.

Our Mission

stageGR exists to create opportunities for community participation and education through enriching performance experiences with a heavy emphasis on inclusion and equality.  

Our Alignment and Purpose

stageGR is an independent non-profit organization.  We collaborate with the entire Greater Grand Rapids theatrical and performing arts community to provide exceptional educational value and a sense of unity to students of all ages, and in all walks of life.   The stageGR experience is like a family.  We unite every participant, regardless of whether they are enrolled in a public, private, secular, or faith-based school, or home-schooled, in a common goal of personal growth through the production of quality entertainment.

Ella Morgan  - Executive DIrector

Ella Morgan - Executive DIrector

Board of Directors

Daniel Morgan - President
Stephenie Young - Vice President
Vicki Larson - Secretary
Joan Schrum - Treasurer
Katrina Bieniewicz
Jake Doctor
Melissa Duimstra
Gaelle Thibault

Bob Schrum
Kim Slupe

Tom Williams

Our Founders

  • Susie Cleland

  • Kendra Czuhajewski

  • Heather Garbaty

  • Jane Gietzen

  • Eugene Griffith

  • Victoria Larson

  • Lisa Mathias

  • Keith McAdams

  • Daniel Morgan

  • David Morgan

  • Ella Morgan

  • Connie Rabon

  • Bob Schrum

  • Joan Schrum

  • Jon Waalkes

  • Kimberly Waalkes

  • Christopher Wilson