Souvenir Video and Audio Recordings

One of the most frequently asked questions from parents and participants alike, is "Can we get a video of the show so that my (family member) can see it, or so I can use it for theatrical scholarships or college admission?"  While ultimately, we would like to say "Yes." the real answer is more complicated.

We do make video and audio recordings of some shows, but they are currently limited to internal and promotional use for stageGR.  They are not photographed in a manner suitable for release in a full-length form.  We encourage the cast, musicians, and crew to put their very best into the performance, so we feel that any video production of stageGR productions should reflect excellence as well.

Additionally, the material presented in the theater is copyrighted, so we cannot legally distribute audio or video recordings (even posting it on YouTube for free streaming), nor can we allow audience members to record it, without securing the permissions and making appropriate payments to the copyright holders.

There are also a number of playwrights of some very popular productions who believe that the theatre arts are meant to be "ephemeral".  That is, they feel that theatre can only be properly experienced when it is live and "in the moment"..  Should we ever do any such shows, audio and video rights will be simply impossible to acquire. 

The subject of souvenir video recordings is something the stageGR board continues to discuss.  We recognize that a recording of the show would be a cherished keepsake and a way for geographically dispersed family members to enjoy their students' work.    We also recognize that not everyone is financially able to bear the cost of a professionally produced video, on top of tuition, tickets, and transportation.   We would definitely like to be able to offer a quality option to our participants, at a reasonable cost, and do so ethically.

We would like stageGR family members to take a moment and fill out the form below to help us to understand your need for souvenir recordings.    If you are an audio/video professional willing to donate your time and talents for promotional consideration, or if you are involved in a high school or college A/V program, we would really love to hear from you too!  

Thank you!

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