Refund Policy

Theater is fun and exciting, but it's expensive to put on.  While participants are registering, we are securing licenses for the materials and the rights to perform that copyrighted show.  Once casting decisions are made, we immediately begin preparing costumes for the young artist cast in each role.  Your understanding of our refund policy is therefore greatly appreciated.

Productions and Workshops:

Full refund: A full refund is extended if stageGR cancels an entire Production or Workshop*.    

Partial refund: For Workshops, a partial refund may be obtained if dropped before the first session begins. For Productions, partial refunds may be obtained only if requested within 48 hours after the cast list is posted   The reimbursement for a partial refund is calculated as the tuition payment minus 25%.

No refund: There can be no refund for Workshops dropped after the first session begins, or if the participant withdraws from a Production once the cast list has been posted for 48 hours.

*The difference between a Production and a Workshop is that a Production concludes with a performance given to a ticket-buying audience, where Workshops do not.


No Rainchecks or exchanges.  Tickets purchased for a particular show time cannot be used at or swapped for another show time.  Tickets are refunded only if the entire Production has been canceled.