Musicians, we have a part for you!

One thing that we at stageGR are exceptionally proud of is our orchestra pit.  Not only do we use live music at most of our full-scale productions, our ideal goal is to have an all-student orchestra pit. 

The productions we license often do not have simplified versions of the music tailored to students.  As a stageGR musician, you will be performing the same arrangements played by the professionals on Broadway!    Being an orchestra pit musician requires proficiency with your instrument(s), and the versatility to play in many styles from classical to rock and jazz.    stageGR gives student musicians the opportunity to hone these valuable skills.  In addition, you can get opportunities to network with others, including professionals, in the local music community.    

stageGR is a qualifying non-profit community theatre organization, so if your school requires creative and/or community activity, our director will be happy to sign your service hours form.  College students can also discuss how you might fulfill internship requirements through volunteer service in the stageGR orchestra. 

So if you think you have the chops, we'd love to have you audition to join our pool of musicians.   Please fill out the form and when the need arises for your talents, we will contact you to arrange an audition and/or jam session.  

Although not mandatory, if you wish, you can also send a resume or letter of recommendation from your music director or your private instructor.   Email them to after you submit your registration. 

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