Deferred Tuition Payments


For stageGR productions, the most convenient way to pay your students' tuition is to do it online at the time of registration.  We also understand that this isn't always possible for various reasons.   

This page allows you to apply payment to a previously-registered student's balance online using a credit card, debit card, or Visa/MasterCard gift card.  

This is only to pay the tuition for students who have already been enrolled in a stageGR program and have an outstanding tuition balance.  You will be required to enter the name of the student for whom you are paying their tuition.  Payments will not be accepted here if the name entered is not someone who is previously registered.  Tuition payments are not tax deductible even if paid by someone other than the student's parent/guardian.  

Thank you for your support, and we appreciate your student sharing their talents with us!

Make a Tuition Payment in Full
Make Payment

Installment Payment Options

If your personal finances do not allow paying the tuition all at once, you can pay in installments.  Tuition needs to be paid in full before the opening performance.   Installment payments do not happen automatically, so if you choose to do this, you will need to return to this page to make additional installments until your balance is paid up.

Alternatively, you may settle any outstanding balance in person at a rehearsal using cash or a check made out to "stageGR".