We are always looking for volunteers!  Come join us!

Whether your interest is building things, sewing, makeup, technical, hospitality, or business, StageGR has a place for you to make a great difference in our students' experiences.  Just fill out this form and we'll be in touch.   

High School/College Students:  stageGR is a non-profit community theatre organization, so if your school requires creative and/or community activity, our director will be happy to sign your service hours form.    High School graduates currently attending college can also discuss how you might fulfill internship requirements through volunteer service to stageGR.

If you are a musician (or know someone who is) that would like to contribute your talents and gain valuable experience in accompanying live theatre, we have another form just for musicians.

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StageGR considers student safety to be of utmost importance.  Volunteers working directly with students will be asked to provide additional information so that we may perform background checks.  Thank you.